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Tropi-Kava Organic Kombucha (12 Pack)

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Organic Kombucha infused with real fruit, and Kava Extract!  

300mg of Kavalactones per can!

Deliciously flavored with real pineapple and mango fruit chunks and kava extract, our Tropi-Kava Kombucha will relax your whole body and mind. Rest assured, we use NO harmful sugar substitutes, all of our ingredients are 100% certified organic, wholesome and real. 

Kava is an auspicious plant from the south pacific islands used for generations by countless tribe elders in ceremonies and celebrations.  Kava promotes muscle relaxation, mood enhancement, and feelings of peace and contentment.  Kava is known to temporarily numb the taste buds and lips while consuming.

12 pack of 12 oz Sleek Cans

Ingredients:  Raw Organic Kombucha (Triple Filtered Water, Organic Green Tea, Organic Cane Sugar, Kombucha Culture), Organic Mango, Organic Pineapple, Kava Extract, and 100% Love.

Contains 300mg of Kavalactones per can, the alkaloid responsible for muscle relaxation and mood enhancement!


Brewed and Hand Crafted in Orlando, Florida, with love!

Care information

Refrigerate fully before opening. Please keep refrigerated.